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We build web stuff for ourselves and others like us.


For web devs

Backpack for Laravel
The leading admin panel software in the Laravel ecosystem. It helps build bespoke admin panels really fast and easily maintain them for years.
Our free & open-source admin panel HTML template. Designed content blocks, for your copy-pasta pleasure.
The Whole Fruit Manifesto New
An open call to developers everywhere, to help us learn, document & teach better communication skills.
Toolbox for Laravel WIP
The home screen that you never knew you needeed. A gateway to coding stuff directly in your app, with a GUI.
Writing for Devs Book WIP
A tried and tested method to get better at writing, custom made for software developers.

Services & Resources

For managers & entrepreneurs

Free up your calendar & todo list, by turning recurring meetings and tasks into self-sending emails. If you can automate it or make it async, you should.
Custom Web Development
If it has a www, we can probably build it. And if your project includes an admin panel, there are few companies with more passion and experience than us.
The Whole Fruit Manifesto New
Writing good code is not only about writing good code. It’s also about the words around it. A good developer aims to deliver both: code and words.

When do we launch something new?

Honestly we don't know. But as soon as it's out, we'll tell you.

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