We are :DigitallyHappy

The founders & maintainers of Backpack for Laravel.

We build web apps for small businesses, start-ups and ourselves.
That's what we do for work, and that's what we do for fun.

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About us

We've been building web apps for the past 9 years.

And we think we've figured out what makes a good project great: maximizing happiness. We make it our goal that everybody is content - from our newest intern to our biggest client. And it has changed everything. From the team we choose, to the tools we use, it's amazing how much this simple paradigm can set our clients up for success. Like we always say, happy developers make for happy clients.


Web Apps Built


Countries Served


Open Source Packages Released

If it has a www, we can probably build it.

We've been fortunate to have clients from a lot of industries, with very different needs. We've built big apps for small brands, and small apps for big brands. This diverse experience helps us tackle anything you can throw at us.

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We've built:

Social networks
Payment Gateways


News Outlets
Drone Surveillance


Search Engines
Call Centers
Presentation Websites

We've integrated:

  • Stripe API
  • BitPay API
  • WireCard API
  • PayPal API
  • Facebook API
  • YouTube API
  • TripAdvisor API
  • TheMovieDb API
  • and a lot more...

When I compare Cristian and his team at :DigitallyHappy to the many other developers I have used in the last 7 years, they completely and utterly destroy everyone else I have used on many levels.

It is unlikely that you will ever find a gem in the rough like this. :DH took over a previously “failed” B2B project of mine and made it a huge success from a design, functionality and user experience standpoint. The small yet critical things that you don’t get with most developers or software companies are part of the service at :DH. Things like honest suggestions on user experience, critical thinking about work flows and baking the marketing right into your project to automate scaling and sales are just a few things that make DH very distinct in an industry that’s plagued by self-proclaimed “experts”. Do yourself a favor and use DH. It’s all I can say.
Aaron West, FED3RAL